Weeping Tile Systems to Keep Groundwater Away From Foundation / Footings

At McNabb Concrete Forming and Construction we’ve been installing weeping tile systems, also referred to as drainage tile or drain tile for over 40 years. Keep groundwater away from your foundation and footings.

How Does it Work?

Weeping tile is a porous pipe buried next to your foundation. The perforated weeping tile, which is covered with a fabric sock, allows water to seep into it, but prevents soil and silt from clogging the pipe. The weeping tile is then covered with washed rock and connected to the sump liner to remove the ground water.

The ground water that accumulates at the base of your foundation will drain through the weeping tile to your storm sewer, or if you have a rural property to the sump pump liner under your basement floor.

New Construction and Wet Basements

In existing homes that require new weeping tile, a trench is excavated around the perimeter of your home. If you’re building a new home, the weeping tile installation is completed prior to the backfill stage.